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Merchant FAQ
What does Riiwards offer businesses?

Riiwards is a powerful new way for businesses to acquire new customers and increase profits! We empower every business to reward its customers for coming back or for giving referrals. Given that rewards and referrals are a PROVEN way to drive sales and profits, Riiwards is a far better bet than those coupons you are about to send to people you don't know.

  • The easiest way to acquire, engage and retain customers.
  • The answer to who are my best customers. And a way to reward them so they keep coming back!
  • The ability to launch a rewards program in hours for $1 per day
  • An opportunity to go from cheap paper reward cards to cool email based rewards
  • The one marketing strategy guaranteed to reach your target audience

How does Riiwards work for a business?
  1. Sign up and enter your rewards, specials, birthday gifts.
  2. Customers purchase from you and say Riiwards to redeem their rewards or specials.
  3. Check-in your customer by simply entering their email on a screen.
  4. Riiwards automatically sends a rewards email to that customer on each check-in. Reward is for their next visit or friends.
  5. You track your best customers, view how rewards are bringing in customers, and count your profits!

How can I check in customers on their visit?

Check-in is an option where you provide an incentive to customers for repeat visits. Upon check-in customers will automatically receive a Check-in Reward via email for their next visit. Please let us know via [email protected] if you would like to use it. Check-in can be done through either of the following options:

  1. Set up a "public" computer in store. Customers can do self check-in by entering their email via the Self Check-in page or by scanning the tag with their smartphone. Click to learn how to set up a computer.
  2. Login to Riiwards.com. Collect email addresses, business cards from your customers and check-in customers at a time convenient for you using the Merchant Check-in page.

What is my commitment as a business when I join Riiwards?
  1. Offer a rewards that match your needs such as sign-up, check-in. But you determine the value and type of reward. Example free soda on each visit when you check-in.
  2. Offer a Free Birthday Gift for your customers. You determine the quality and value.
  3. Offer any specials or discounts.

Does Riiwards give out cards?

No, there are no cards - plastic or paper. We use email to check-in customers and track them as well as send rewards.

Will you SPAM or sell my information?

No, we do not spam our customers. We know you can't build a business on spam. Please see privacy and spam policies here.

How do you market Riiwards?

We use social media, email marketing, Google and other integrated marketing to get the word out about Riiwards in your City.

What makes Riiwards special?

Several things but most importantly it is the first local rewards program for a group of businesses. As a consumer I sign up for 1 club and access rewards and specials at quality businesses who value their customers.

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