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How Dickey's Barbecue Pit Grew Sales via Riiwards
Pleasanton & Livermore stores experience best sales after launching Riiwards powered Loyalty Rewards.


Mr. Cooper, the franchisee of two Dickey's had been searching for a way to grow local sales through a loyalty rewards program. He wanted a localized, personalized customer loyalty program that was easy to implement, self service (so no resource requirements) and most importantly very affordable.


1. Corporate Loyalty Limitations: The corporate loyalty incentive of a Sandwich Card basically offered "a buy 8 and get 9th sandwich free". However, this excluded people who don't eat sandwiches. In addition, Mr. Cooper wanted to expand upon the loyalty concept beyond just a sandwich card to include more menu items.

2. Local Database with Demographics: He didn't have a local customer database or any information on customer habits, demographics or feedback, all of which he thought were important for growing sales.

3. Flexibility and Customization: Mr. Cooper also wanted the flexibility of changing and customizing the Rewards as needed, based on sales in the store and other factors.

4. Buzz: Finally, Mr. Cooper also wanted a way to create buzz and excitement with his customers, along with getting positive reviews to help promote his two locations.

5. Feedback: He didn't have an easy to use system that would get him feedback directly from customers.

Why Riiwards:

Riiwards met all the requirements of an affordable, fully featured, self-service loyalty program for small business that Mr. Cooper was looking for.

1. Affordable: At $25 per month, free two weeks trial and no setup free, this was the most affordable and risk free program on the market.

2. Self Service: It was completely self-service, which meant there was no need for employees to manage a new system.

3. Flexible: Riiwards was completely flexible so Mr. Cooper could setup the rewards, change them or pause them at any time.

4. Customizable: It was completely customized to the locations including logo, email signature, and privacy of lists.

5. Feedback: The rewards program has built-in feedback system to get direct feedback from customers which is invaluable in growing sales.

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Process (Click for How it Works):

1. nuVIP team set up Dickey's Loyalty Rewards Program in minutes.

2. nuVIP team created custom collateral for marketing including business cards, table tents, small posters and large posters.

3. Dickey's VIPClub was launched online and in-store as well as via social media and VIP Rewards Directory.

4. Laptop check-in was setup at each location to drive higher customer sign-ups.

Benefits (Click for Benefits):

1. Local Database with Demographics: Within days customers started signing up as VIPs, providing written positive reviews as well as demographic information. Now Mr. Cooper has a local customer database in thousands, for just $25 per month!

2. Positive Reviews: Riiwards has helped Mr. Cooper collect hundreds of Rave Reviews which are helping drive additional new customers.

3. Customer Feedback: Any negative comments come directly to Mr. Cooper (they are never publicly visible) so he can respond immediately.

4. Reward Options: Dickey's VIP Club now includes menu items beyond sandwiches and offers Monthly Loyalty Rewards, Check-in Rewards, Birthday and Anniversary rewards. There are also milestone rewards for 25th, 50th and 100th visit!

5. Email: Mr. Cooper can email all VIPs at any time with updates and announcements.

6. Daily Report: A comprehensive VIP Report is emailed daily and includes a snapshot of customers, comments and performance.

bullet  Six months after launching Dickey's VIP Club, Dickey's Barbecue Pit Pleasanton has acquired over 1,311 VIP Customers, 314 Likes and 158 Rave Reviews.
bullet  Three months after launch Dickey's Barbecue Pit Livermore has acquired over 751 VIP Customers, 75 Likes, and 89 Rave Reviews.

How to Launch Your VIP Club and Grow Sales

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Press Release

"Riiwards is a powerful customer loyalty program that has exceeded our expectations with respect to driving customer sign-ups, positive reviews and impact on sales.
  I also do a text messaging program and would recommend Riiwards over it as it's far less cost for much greater results and features."
  Mr. Cooper, Franchisee of Dickey's
  Pleasanton and Livermore, CA

"Our mission is to transform loyalty programs for small business owners. We're excited to see Riiwards help grow sales for our customers and even win back customers lost to Deal offering competitors."
Reena A Jadhav, Founder & CEO of Riiwards

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